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Key Topics In Sport Medicine

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The principal aim of this book is to provide a quick reference source for sport and exercise medicine. We have been influenced by our experience teaching (and in one case studying on) graduate level courses in this area. The key notes style is ideal for this purpose. We have deliberately kept anatomical illustrations to a minimum to reduce cost. Most readers will have favourite anatomy texts, and these days good anatomical diagrams are easy to find on the web.

The core of the book is a thorough coverage of sports injuries and the related areas of rehabilitation and of injury prevention. Modern sports medicine, however, needs to deal with many other issues such as sports psychology, exercise in extreme environments, or drugs in sport. The widening participation in sport by all sectors of the population means that there needs to be an awareness of the special issues related to women, to older people, and to those with disabilities. Finally, coverage of key topics on the exercise aspect of sports and exercise medicine is crucial.

In the developed world, exercise and health are high on the political agenda and those involved in sports and exercise medicine are well placed to contribute to the development of effective public health programmes related to exercise and health.


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