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This book is dedicated to EMG, the signal generated by skeletal muscles; the motors that allow us to move. The mechanism of operation of these motors is a masterpiece of engineering. It incorporates central control strategies, signal transmission along nerve fibers and across neuromuscular junctions, electrical activation of the muscle fibers organized in elementary motors (the motor units) and, through a chain of complex biochemical events, the production of forces acting on the tendons of the agonist and/or antagonist muscles and moving the bones. It also incorporates a number of feedback circuits relaying back to the spinal cord and the brain information concerning the length and velocity of shortening of the muscles and the forces acting on the tendons. Through these mechanisms we can hold a flower without crushing it, play a violin or a piano, lift a weight, climb a mountain, or hit a competitor in a boxing match. The EMG signal provides a window on the motor as well as on its controller. If this book will induce in its readers a sense of marvel and curiosity, a feeling of awe and respect toward the beauty and elegance of the design of the system, a desire to understand it by breaking its codes and unravel its rules, then our goal will be completely fulfilled.


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