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Color Atlas of Neurology

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The nervous system and the muscles are the seat of many primary diseases and are affected secondarily by many others.

This pocket atlas is intended as an aid to the detection and diagnosis of the symptoms and signs of neurological disease. The text and illustrations are printed on facing pages, to facilitate learning of the points presented in each.

The book begins with a summary of the fundamentals of neuroanatomy in Chapter 1. Chapter 2 concerns the functions of the nervous system and the commonly encountered syndromes in clinical neurology. Individual neurological diseases are discussed in Chapter 3. The clinical neurological examination is best understood once the material of the first three chapters is mastered; it is therefore presented in the last chapter, Chapter 4.

The choice of topics for discussion is directed toward questions that frequently arise in clinical practice. Some of the illustrations have been reproduced from previous works by other authors, because they seemed to us to be optimal solutions to the problem of visually depicting a difficult subject. In particular, we would like to pay tribute here to the graphic originality of the late Dr. Frank H. Netter.


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