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Gait Disorders

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The book is divided into three major sections. Section I serves as the foundation. Here, experts in the field summarize the motor control, physiology and biomechanics of walking; review the current understanding of how and why gait and balance often change with aging and neurological disease; and describe gait disorders that are common in older adults and in patients with neurological disease. Section II examines clinical tools available for the evaluation of gait disorders and falls and provides a detailed, practical plan for the evaluation and assessment of gait disorders and fall risk. In Section III, experts describe the current state-of-the-art of management of gait disorders in general and offer a guide to the management of certain specific problems that commonly affect gait in older adults, in patients with foot and ankle disorders, hip fracture and replacement, and neurological disease.

Describing a wide range of assessment tools, diagnostic evaluation strategics, and clinical approaches to gait, this reference:

  • introduces as new classification scheme to encompass the full range of mobility capacity in all older adults
  • reviews the physiology and biomechanics of gait and common gait disorders
  • covers cognitive and behavioral influences on gait and falling
  • details clinical and evidence-based methods for gait disorder and fall analysis, as well as techniques for gait optimization in patients with neurological disorders, foot and ankle disorders, and post-hip surgery,
  • presents a state-of-the-art strategy for multidimensional fall risk assessment and fall reduction
  • features a detailed review of exercise strategies including Tai Chi to improve balance and gait


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