Functional Anatomy for sport and exercise science

Functional Anatomy for sport and exercise science

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Functional Anatomy for Sport and Exercise is a quick reference guide to human musculoskeletal anatomy in its moving, active context. An  accessible  format  makes  it  easy  for  students  to  locate  clear, concise explanations and descriptions of anatomical structures, human movement  terms  and  key  concept  as  they  are  needed.  Covering all major anatomical areas, the book includes:

  • A simple, comprehensive guide to functional musculoskeletal anatomy
  • Cross-referenced entries throughout
  • Highlighting of key terms
  • Hot Topics explained in more detail
  • Full references and a list of suggested further reading.

Functional Anatomy for Sport and Exercise is a must-have supplement for undergraduates in applied anatomy, functional anatomy, kinesiology, physical education, strength and conditioning, biomechanics and related areas Clare E.  Milner  PhD  is  Assistant  Professor  of  Biomechanics  in  the Department  of  Exercise,  Sport,  and  Leisure  Studies,  University  of Tennessee, USA. Her teaching in the Exercise Science Program includes the Biomechanics of Orthopaedic Rehabilitation and Applied Anatomy.

Her research focuses on the biomechanics of lower extremity injuries and rehabilitation, including stress fractures in runners.


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