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The adventure of editing a book is similar to training a sports team. At the beginning of the season (when the book is still just a project), a proposal is made to a sponsor (the publishers) with the objectives we aim to achieve. Once they accept the initial ideas, it becomes fundamental to form a good team (contributors). From this moment on, the regular league matches begin (the process of creating the work), in which each member of the team has a function, and depending on how they carry it out, we achieve one outcome or another.

In our case, we have had the opportunity to “train” a great team, who have performed extraordinarily throughout our particular season. For this reason, I direct my words of thanks to the 43 contributors who have made this text possible. They have been the authentic stars in this “sport” of writing. Secondly, I would like to mention the support given to me from the beginning of this project by Manuel Vazquez.


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