Howard W. Makofsky PT DHSc OCS-Spinal Manual Therapy_ An Introduction to Soft Tissue Mobilization, Spinal Manipulation, Therapeutic and Home Exercises (2009)_1

Spinal Manual Therapy

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Spinal  Manual  Therapy:  An  Introduction  to  Soft  Tissue  Mobilization,  Spinal  Manipulation, Therapeutic  and  Home Exercises, Second Edition  takes an  eclectic approach to examining, diagnosing,  and treating  the  body.  The author integrates the ideas and concepts of some of the major contributors to the field of manual therapy including Paris, McKenzie,  Maitland, Cyriax, Greenman, Kaltenborn, Rocabado, and many others. The text encourages the therapist to equip his or her “tool box” with a variety of tools. Rather than merely treating diagnoses,  therapist is encouraged to identify each patient’s impairments in order  to determine  which  treatment or combination of treatments is most effective for that patient.  Dr.  Makofsky teaches the student how to “think like a manual therapist” and how to be a “clinician rather than a technician.” I recommend this book to all who seek to practice with the same philosophy.

Margaret Hanson,  PT,  DPT

Daughter and Former  Student of the Author

St.  Luke’s  Hospital

Kansas City, Missouri


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