Joint Structure And Function 2005_1

Joint Structure And Function

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With the 4th edition of Joint Structure and Function, we continue a tradition of excellence in education that began more than 20 years ago. Although we entered the market when there were few resource options for our readers, we are now in an era of increasingly numerous choices in a variety of media. We continue with this edition to respond to the ever-accelerating changes taking place in media and research technology as well as in the education of individuals who assess human function. In the move toward what many believe will be a “paperless” society, the role of textbooks is evolving rapidly; learners demand changes but are not ready to give up the textbook as an educational modality. With the 4th edition, we attempt to meet the challenges before us and our learners by taking advantage of new technologies, current evidence, the expertise of colleagues, and a more integrated approach to preparing those who wish to understand human kinesiology and pathokinesiology.


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