Anterior Knee Pain And Patella Instability


Anterior Knee Pain And Patella Instability

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This book reflects my deep interest in the pathology of the knee, particularly that of the extensor mechanism, and to bring to the fore the great importance I give to the concept of subspecialization, this being the only way to confront the deterioration and mediocrity of our speciality, Orthopaedic Surgery; and to provide our patients with better care.

In line with the concept of subspecialization, this book necessarily required the participation of various authors. In spite of this, I do not think there is a lack of cohesion between the chapters. Now, there are certain variations in form, but not in basic content, regarding some topics dealt with by different authors. It is thus evident that a few aspects remain unclear, and the controversy continues.

With this work, we draw upon the most common pathology of the knee, even though the most neglected, the least known and the most problematic (Black Hole of Orthopaedics). To begin with, the terminology is confusing (The Tower of Babel). Our knowledge of its etiopathogeny is also limited, with the consequence that its treatment is of the most complex among the different pathologies of the knee. On the other hand, we also face the problem of frequent and serious diagnostic errors that can lead to unnecessary interventions. The following data reflect this problem: 11% of patients in my series underwent unnecessary arthroscopy, and 10% were referred to a psychiatrist by physicians who had previously been consulted.


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