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Maximum ability of the body to consume oxygen during intense and prolonged activities is called aerobic capacity, which is also called Vo2max. VO2Max is in milliliters of oxygen consumed per minute per kilogram of body weight.

The Queens College Step test is one of many variations of step test procedures, used to determine aerobic fitness. Compared to the Harvard Step Test, this version has a lower step height, slower cadence, shorter test and more simple analysis. A similar test is the YMCA 3-minute step test.

The Step test is one of the common methods for estimating this characteristic according to the space and time of testing. VO2Max is usually considered the best indicator of cardiorespiratory endurance and aerobic fitness. Professional endurance athletes typically have high VO2Max. Exercise increases VO2Max by up to 20% The main purpose of this device is to calculate and estimate the maximum oxygen consumption.

Technical Specifications:
Accuracy of measurement 1 ml / kg / min
Measuring range 0 to 99 ml / kg / min
Ability to set test protocol
Includes results display, steps, heart rate sensor and stand control structure
Ability to display metronome setting, test time, maximum oxygen consumption
Ability to network and connect to a computer
Processor console
Heart rate sensor

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